Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Milk for Baby Ziggy

I am a mom in up state NY reaching out in desperation... in hope that i can find breast milk for my son ziggy. Hes about 3 month old and is allergic to formula/Soy. He also has a condition that also keeps him from being able to digest anything other then breast milk.

I was diagnosed with intro-ductual yeast, mastitis, Mrsa staph infection. The staph infection had gotten so bad that i was forced to stop nursing so i could go on stronger medication. The strain of staph i had was resistant to the antibiotics. I risk loosing both my breast as the infection went deeper into my breast tissue.

Since this i have been depending on the kindness of complete strangers with the willingness to help my son. I wouldn't be posting this or writing and reaching out across the country trying to find moms that care enough to help my son if this wasn't my last option.

We have tried everything... our doctors have tried everything....

Our insurance doesn't cover breast milk from the breast milk banks and at $5 an oz the milk banks charge there is no way we could even come close to paying that.

we have gotten lucky enough to have been blessed with some one time donations from some amazing moms. Witch has gotten us this far!!! And we are so thankful for every last oz!!!

I am at the end of my rope in tears... watching my son loosing weight... Getting sicker... Moms contact me saying they would love to help, and save up and ship. Then change there minds, donate to a milk bank, there husbands think its weird, or they don't even return my e-mails or calls.

This has taken a toll on me... as a mom, I cant give up on my son. And i don't know what else to do... so i am left with reaching out across the country hopen praying there will be someone willing to help in any way they can.

I have exhausted every avenue of hope! It would mean the world to my son if anyone could help...

Please pass this on if u are unable to help but are willing to share our story,

Thank YOU,
Kristen and baby Ziggy!

- we are taking other donations for (( ups gift cards, breast milk bags, and medical coolers for shipping milk ))
Please message me if u can help :
or 518-879-9407 my phone...
We have had a couple moms offer to be drop centers for any moms in there area willing to drop off milk to them. Some of these moms will even drive and meet u part way if u are not local...

NJ Drop center:
Natalia Fernandez-Perez
Phone: 848-203-9595
TX Drop center:
Kelly in Galveston, TX
phone: 832-889-2438
NOTE: I Don't have access to the Internet SO please contact me by phone....or when i can i will check my e-mail and message u back... if anyone is in the area and willing to be a long time donor it would mean the world to us.
I don't know where my son would be if it wasn't for moms donating. I thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart.

Our story in the channel 13 News Albany